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According to the CSLB, a “cabinet, mill-work and finish carpentry contractor makes cabinets, cases, sashes, doors, trims, non-bearing partitions and other items of finish carpentry by cutting, surfacing, joining, gluing and fabricating wood or other products to provide a functional surface. This contractor also places, events, and finishes such cabinets and millwork in structures.”

Requirements for Licensure

The California Contractors State License Board requires a minimum of four years journeyman-level experience in order to apply for a California Contractors license.

Cabinets, Mill-work & Finished Carpentry Exam (C-6)

The exam is a closed book exam and has approximately 100 questions that must be answered in 2.5 hours. The exams are given on a computer at one of the many testing centers throughout California. An appointment is needed and can be made once an application has been accepted.

Some of the topics covered in the exam include:

  • Planning & Estimating
  • Cabinetry & Mill-work Fabrication
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Mill-work Installation
  • Worker and Job Site Safety

How to Prepare for the Exam

Once the CSLB has approved your application, you will be informed of the testing date. We recommend that you give yourself plenty of time to prepare and study, preferably months. One of the most effective ways to prepare for the exam is by using the Peerless Cabinets, Millwork & Finished Carpentry (C-6) Study Guide book. The book includes hundreds of pages of relevant content that is covered on the state exam and also loaded with close to a thousand multiple choice questions.