Contractors License Exam Prep

In order to become a contractor and work on construction projects in the State of California, you may need to be a licensed contractor, as stipulated by the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB). Part of this requirement entails passing a test, the State Licensing Exam.

In order to successfully prepare for, and pass, the State Licensing Exam, there are a number of study materials and guides which can be of great use to you.

Determining What You Need

In order to identify which study materials you need, you will first be required to determine what trade or field of construction you wish to go into. Accordingly, the CSLB issues different classifications of licenses which include:

Class ‘A’: General Engineering Contractor

This license is for those contractors who will be dealing with work that requires special engineering skills and expertise.

Class ‘B’: General Building Contractor

The main business in relevance to any structure built, in the process of being built, or yet to be built, that needs a minimum of two trades or crafts in its construction. Framing and carpentry projects, however, can be performed without any limitation.

Class ‘C’: Specialty Contractor

There are a total of 42 separate ‘C’ license classifications for contractors that employ specialized trade or skills in their businesses.

Study for Contractors License

Once you have identified which classification of contractor’s license you require, you can choose your study materials accordingly.

The State Licensing Exam is composed of two parts. All aspiring contractors must first pass the standard law and business exam, followed by a second exam which covers the specific trade or certification field that you have chosen to pursue.

Both exams are composed of a number of multiple choice questions which have to be successfully passed in order to clear the test.

California License Trades Study Materials

The specific study materials will vary according to the license trade you have chosen to pursue. Some of the study guides and materials which are available for different trade classifications include:

  • Heating, Ventilation, and AC (C-20)
  • Demolition (C-21)
  • Landscaping (C-27)
  • Masonry (C-29)
  • Painting and Decorating (C-33)
  • Plumbing (C-36)
  • Roofing (C-39)
  • Structural Steel (C-51)
  • Swimming Pool (C-53)
  • Ceramic Tile (C-54)
  • Hazardous Substance Removal Certification (HAZ)
  • Asbestos Abatement Certification (ASB)

Each study guide provides you with written text covering all the essential information that you need to know for the exam. This is then followed by sample questions that you can expect to encounter on the exam. By thoroughly mastering all the material in the study guides and using practice tests to gauge your knowledge, you can successfully prepare to take the California Contractor’s License Exam.