Ceramic & Mosaic Tile (C-54)


Peerless Institute Home Study Courses have been helping people pass the California State Contractors’ Exam since 1953. We have been doing this longer than anyone else in California: providing you with high quality, relevant and current/updated material from which you can study and pass the State Contractors’ examination the first time.

Remember it is a STATE examination that you are preparing for. The regulations, codes, etc. in the examination are STATE regulations, codes, etc. Your answers to exam questions will refer to STATErequirements, not local requirements. Your local government may make these regulations and codes more strict, but they may not make them less demanding than the State codes.

The State Contractors’ License Board has more than one examination for those applying for a contractor’s license. The exam is given to you on a computer and the board can therefore choose any combination of questions that are contained in a computer bank to make up your exam.

As you go through the questions, we recommend the following:

  1. READ the question.
  2. SELECT select the single best answer, there is only 1 correct answer.
  3. REVIEW your response. You will be shown feedback after each question.
  4. CONTINUE through the entire exam without a break since this is how you will take the test. You will have 2 hours to complete each exam.
  5. If you feel as though you need to study materials to better prepare yourself for the state exam, please refer to our website for additional study materials.

Good luck!

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